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About Us

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Our Story


AjaBLU ~ Senior Cosmetologist, Educator, Author and Salon Owner ~ I started journaling ideas and different ways I could share knowledge with people who were interested in the science of hair.

In 2015 I decided to pay tribute to my AMAZING dad by writing a book called “Dads Can Doo It Too”. I thought the book would be the perfect way to help great dads like mine learn the basics of styling their daughter’s hair. 

In the spring of 2018 Kacey Dangerfield called me with an idea to host a class @ajablusalon designed to teach dads the basics of styling their daughter’s hair. Kacey’s call was the confirmation I needed to move forward. 

I shared details about my book project I started 2 years prior. And there you have it!. “Dads Can DOO It Too” and “Dads Can DOO It Too, Activity / Coloring Book” is available for purchase.  


The first DCDT event took place on July 22, 2018 where 15 father-daughter pairs gathered at Aja Blu Salon and Studio to learn about the basics of natural hair care, products and styling techniques.


This event was covered on Washington DC’s Fox 5 morning news and received great feedback from the local community. Attendees shared with the event hosts that they felt helpless when mom wasn’t around to tame their daughter’s mane. Other dad’s admitted that they didn’t have prior knowledge of what the word ‘detangle’ meant, let alone the proper steps and tools to use to properly detangle their daughter’s hair!


DCDT provided all of the dads with hairstyling toolkits, swag bags, a detailed lesson plan, and a step by step hair demo. At the conclusion of DCDT, father’s walked away feeling empowered and informed about how to properly tend to their princess’s hair. This is the ultimate daddy-daughter date!

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